How Can I Relieve Foot Pain?

Foot pain affects the rest of the body

You have been walking on your two feet ever since you made your first steps as a toddler. Chances are that you have experienced foot pain at a certain point in your life. Isn’t it true that when the foot is hurting several other parts of the body experience the discomfort too? So how can one relieve foot pain if it reaches unbearable levels?

Proper positioning of feet

When you are making a step, you always instill an amount of force on the foot, as it works with the hip and the knee to make the desired movement. The foot position in relation to the body frame is very important. Most of us are either “duck-footed” or “pigeon-toed”, meaning that we do not operate in the ideal position where the feet should point directly in front. To manage foot pain, you can try to align the feet, so that the ligaments of the feet can function properly and direct all the forces to their intended areas.

Shoes choice

Apart from proper foot positioning, the correct choice of shoes can help relieve foot pain. Naturally, the weight of the body is meant to be carried by the heels but not the toes. That is why it is advisable to avoid wearing high heels, as they put most of the body weight on the toes. It is surprising that the feet are not even intended to have shoes! Without shoes, the feet would be as dexterous as the hands. Apart from bearing all the weight, ankles perform all the other functions of the feet when you wear shoes. Try walking barefoot sometimes for better health.

Medical attention

Some advanced foot pains will require immediate attention from a medic, who might recommend foot therapy. In fact, foot treatment cannot be considered to be complete without the incorporation of the correct mechanical movements. A normally functioning foot has well operating nerves, strong muscles and a rich blood flow.